Move Your Resume To The Top of the Pile

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The Job Window

Stacked in a pile with a bunch of other resumes, you want to make sure you do everything you can to make yours stand out. Here are three simple things you can do to catch the recruiter’s attention.


Company culture

Before you submit your resume to any organization, check them out on every platform you can. Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Do they seem fun loving? Serious? Innovative? Forward thinking? Glean what you can about the company culture, their beliefs and values. Don’t pretend to be something you’re  not, but if you fall in line with what you read then make it apparent on your resume.


A touch of flare

You certainly don’t want your resume to become a circus of action and color, but you can create highlights or a touch of flare with a chart or graph or a bit of colour.


Watch your words

People use all kinds of standby words like results driven on their resume that don’t actually say much of anything. Instead of using a generic term to say what you’re going to do, show them what you’ve actually done.


So instead of saying you are driven to succeed tell them how you have already succeeded. I did this and the result was that.


Give specific examples of what you did and how it impacted the workplace. Did what you did increase productivity? Did it save money? Did it improve morale? Be specific and concrete with your examples.


The more specific you are with your intentions and accomplishments the more likely you are to grab that recruiter’s attention.