The Wonders Of A Wandering Mind

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The Job Window

So many people are so concerned with the go-go-go of their lives they don’t slow down enough to consider the importance of stop-stop-stop. Sometimes people need a brain break.


Brains Working on Overload

As much as it might feel like every ding of your email or beep from your phone is an immediate call for attention, it doesn’t always have to be the case. The fact is, for most of us, our brains are working on overload. The stimulation coming at us from every direction is endless. Studies have shown we’re taking in about five times more information a day than we were in 1986 and we’ve become Pavlovian in our response to the cords that tether us to our machines.


Take a Brain Break

Whether you know it or not, your brain would appreciate some time alone.  When your brain is busy dealing with the hustle and bustle of daily life it’s engaged in active doing. When left to itself, your brain will wander and ponder.


The Importance of Letting Your Mind Wander

Believe it or not the greatest insights don’t come to us during our thinking, concentrating time, they sneak in during the wandering, pondering time. Without a thousand things screaming for attention your brain has time to creatively explore on its own, making connections and leaps of association all that busy work keeps it from making.


The thing is, your brain can’t be in two places at once. It can’t be dealing with the busy work of go-go-go and wandering around in the stop-stop-stop.  And even if you think you’re stop-stop-stopping when you kick back with Twitter or scroll through your Facebook feed, you’re actually flipping back to the busy side. All that information is adding noise to your brain instead of making room for quiet space.


When you’re multi-tasking it might seem like you’re accomplishing a lot, but a walk outside in nature could very well give your brain the break it needs to really come up with something great.


In the words of the great Carl Sagan, “Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.”