Fishing For The Right Job

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The Job Window

There are times in our lives when we’re simply looking for a job. Hopefully something in our field, but not necessarily. The most important thing is a regular paycheck to meet our day to day needs.


If a steady paycheck is all you’re after, it should be pretty straightforward to throw your line out into the water and secure one of those jobs. 


If you’re after a bigger fish, the job you really want, the one you’ve been putting so much time and imagination into securing, you’re going to need a bigger boat.


Here are a few things to keep in mind


Send your application to a specific person in the company

Sometimes it’s really hard to find the name of the person you’re supposed to send the application to and you end up writing, To Whom It May Concern, or Dear Sir or Madame.


Although that might get you an interview, you will increase you chances of getting noticed dramatically if you can find someone in the company to send your information to.


Search out the company on LinkedIn. Find someone in the department you want to join or in HR. Even if you don’t send it to the right person, by getting it in front of a specific person you will increase your chances of getting your query seen by the right person.


Interview at less than idea locations

If you have specific career objectives in mind and you have time to spend on your search, you may do well to get a few interviews under your belt. While you’re interviewing for jobs that are less than ideal you will gain experience and confidence with the sort of questions you will be asked.


Let yourself shine

The first step to convincing others how great you would be at the job your after, is convincing yourself. Believe you are capable. Remind yourself of all the attributes you are bringing to the position.


Be secure enough in yourself that you’re able to  use the opportunity to interview them while they interview you. Ask: What do you enjoy about working here? How is advancement structured?


Give yourself time

In the search for your ideal job, you will probably have to put a lot of lines in the water and throw back a lot of fish, but each time you do it, the calibre of your catch will improve. Eventually you will hook exactly the catch you’re after.