Are Your Goals Inspiring Enough?

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The Job Window

Do you ever look at people who are so full of get up and go, it seems like their energy alone would be enough to power their electric car. They’re inspired and excited and when you’re around them your own confidence increases simply by virtue of proximity to their internal battery. Are you one of those revved up people? If not, do you wonder what separates your type from their type?


It might be that you are inherently lazy or uninspired, but most likely that’s not the case. More probably it’ more along the lines of the quality of your goals and the things you look forward to everyday. If your goal is simply to get through each day, to get up, have a shower, get to work, come home and flick on the tube, that’s probably not much fuel for your mental engine. If you want to get that needle to swing back toward full then you’re going to have to give it a reason to move.


What are you passionate about? What do you aspire to? You don’t need to have world changing or life changing goals. What you do need are reasons for being here. Are you passionate about the environment? Use that passion to fuel your life engine. Find a way to volunteer or if its really something you want to dedicate your life to, see if there’s a way you can use your skills and experience to get you into a related field.


If you want more energy in your life figure out what inspires you and chase that. Inspiration is the fuel for your engine.