You Can't Always Get What You Want

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The Job Window

You were so ready for that job interview. You did all your research on the company you answered all their questions intelligently and had well thought out questions prepared for them. And yet you didn’t get the job.


You’ve been working on the manuscript for your novel for two years, re-written it more times than you can count and yet you cannot get an agent or a publisher to give it the time of day.


The love of your life has locked you in the friend zone and fed the key to the dog.


Sometimes what you need is more helpful than what you want


So often we don’t get what we want, but as the song says, we should never despair because as often as not we will get what we need.


Maybe that unsuccessful job interview was just what you needed to reassess your motivation for that line of work.


All those rejections are probably either going to strengthen your motivation to improve your writing, or to seek some outside guidance. Or else they may lead to the decision to direct your energies into something else, like poetry or screenwriting – where your masterpiece has been waiting for you to find it.


And maybe being unequivocally relegated to the friend zone is precisely what you need to redirect your focus. Who knows who you’ll meet without the obstruction of unrequited love blocking your view.


You may not always get what you want, but as that famous song from the Rolling Stones says, often you get what you need – just when you need it.