Has Autopilot Taken Over Your Job?

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The Job Window

You worked your butt off and you did it. Through persistence, focus and uncompromising dedication to your goals you got yourself into the job you wanted.


When you go into the office everyday are you still feeling the same kind of hungry perseverance that propelled you so hard and fast while you were on the job hunt? Or are the days starting to feel more and more like mirrors of each other?


Keep your foot on the gas

After driving along the road to success for a while have you started coasting? Letting autopilot take over for stretches at a time while you take your foot off the gas?


When you were new and fresh you came in early, you asked millions of questions, you were a sponge absorbing every bit of information that came your way. Learning about your job and the company and making a great impression were sustenance for you, like food and water. Your quest for success fueled you. What’s running your engine now?


Never lose the striving mentality

Are you still learning everyday? Are you still asking questions? Are you still questing for success or are you satiated?


Remember, YOU set the tone for your career. YOU are the one who gets to determine how long you stay in your current situation. YOU are the on in charge of the direction and pace of your career.


If you’ve slowed down because you believe you made it to the finish line, then you probably have. The question is, Is this where you want to stay or are you ready to take on new challenges and take yourself to another level of success?