The Hard Work of Opportunity

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The Job Window

A quick glance at Ashton Kutcher and his glamorous lifestyle and you may not think he knows all that much about hard work. You would be wrong.


Sometimes you start at the bottom

Before joining the ranks of the spotlighted, Ashton was definitely acquainted with hard work. Starting around the age of fifteen he did everything from shingling roofs, to washing dishes, to working in a grocery store deli, to sweeping in a factory. About as far from red carpets and glamour as you can get.


Ashton may not have had any intention of staying in any of those jobs long term, but he didn’t think any less of himself for having them. On the contrary he felt lucky to have employment. He looked at each job as a stepping-stone to something else.


Some jobs are only to get you from here to there

You might get into the job you’ve always wanted right off the bat, but chances are you’re going to have to do a few from here to there jobs first. And it probably won’t be easy. But while you’re working really hard, trying to make your way to where you’re going, there’s a good chance one of the doors you open will be the one you walk through to that opportunity you’ve been chasing for so long.


Ashton Kutcher is not the first to say it, he won’t be the last. Opportunity looks a lot like hard work is one of those universal truths. Like the fact that no matter how harsh the storm, it will always be followed by a sunrise. So work hard and see what the new day brings.