The Five Second Rule

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The Job Window

If you have an impulse to start a new project or write a poem or go to the gym and you don’t follow up within five seconds the impulse will disappear into just another one of the things that passed through your head that day. That’s the five second rule.


The five second rule may not be an entirely true in regards to being able to eat something you dropped on the floor, but when it comes to losing impulse five seconds is the difference between doing and only thinking about doing.


Do something concrete

If you are inspired to do something and you don’t follow through in some way for example jot down a note, send yourself  a text, slot it into your calendar, it will be lost. You need to do something physical to make the idea more concrete, less easy to dismiss or forget about.


For most of us the problem isn’t a lack of ideas or motivation, the problem is we don’t act on them. We let them pass by.