Tailoring Your Resume and Cover Letter For The Occasion

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The Job Window

When you’re sending your resume to a posted position, it’s pretty easy to tailor it to the job you’re applying for and the company you’re applying to. But what about the times when there isn’t a job description to follow. Like for example when you decide to send resumes out to different companies in your industry (or outside your current industry!) despite the lack of a job posting?


Get inside the head of the potential hiring manager

This is where research is going top be your best friend. Read the company website carefully. Take note of the tone of voice they use. Are they formal or are they friendly? Do they have traditional values or are they interested in shaking things up? Bring your resume and cover letter in line with the company culture you read about.


Imagine how your skills can help them

Because you don’t have a job description to follow it’s up to you to let the person who receives your information know why your skills and experience are going to be such a great asset for their company.


Imagine your dream position in the company and play up how what you bring to the table will help fill that role. What you can contribute, what you can help with, where you believe you can help them grow.


Make sure they understand why you chose them

Include your research in your correspondence. Let them know what it is about their company that intrigues and motivates you and finish with a call to action. Even if they don’t have a current opening ask if you can come and meet with them to learn more about the company and or the industry. If you impress them enough that they agree to meet with you then even if you don’t get a job you’ll get the opportunity to learn more for the next place you pitch!