Iceberg Career Advice

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The Job Window

What you may wonder, do icebergs have to do with career advice? Well it’s all about that whole faking it to you’re making it thing.


No one can see what’s going on below the surface

As an iceberg, the only thing anyone can see of you is the tiniest tip at the top. No one can read your mind, no one saw how flustered you were on the bus this morning. All they see is you right now in the moment you are interacting with them.


Show your best face

So don’t worry about how you spilled coffee on your shirt when you were running late this morning. Change the shirt and act like you woke up with plenty of time to spare and you’re having a great morning when you get to work.


Don’t worry if you’re having a meltdown internally. It doesn’t matter if you want to cry grossly into your desk because you’re so stressed out.


So long as you are not actually crying grossly into your desk, you are successfully faking and making it.


Anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed, or under-qualified, take a deep breath, ask questions when you need help, and remember you are an iceberg and all anyone can see is that kickass professional tip and none of the insecure beginner stuff underneath.


You'll be great.