Motivation Keys

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The Job Window

Making Your Motivation Stick

Every one of us has goals. The question is do we have the motivation to make them stick? Incorporate these six keys into your life and you’ll create motivation superglue!



Everyone has dreams and wishes for their future. The thing that wakes dreams up out of their stupor is ambition. No matter how hard you dream or visualize that future you say you want, you’re going to need to fuel your days with ambition. That ambition pushes you to create goals, to go out and meet people, to learn more. It makes you see where the holes in your experience lie and fill them.



Hoping for success is passive. Expecting success is aggressive. If you wait around passively hoping for the best, then if the best ever decides to show up it won’t be any time soon. If however you expect success at every corner, then you are actively going to get yourself out onto those corners to search for it!




In order to get where you need to go, you need to know where you’re going. Focus gives you the ability to stay the course. By focusing on daily, weekly, monthly goals you set on the way to your achievement you are far less likely to stray from your objectives than someone without focus.




No matter how much ambition you have and focus and expectancy, if you don’t put in the effort you will never achieve your objectives. Effort is the ability to do what needs doing everyday, no matter how you feel about it. It’s the ability to ignore the whispering invitations in your head to rest today and work a little harder tomorrow. The great thing about effort, is it feeds on itself. The more effort you put in today, the more effort you’ll want to put in tomorrow.



Everyone had bad days. Days that are a succession of things gone wrong. Sometimes those days can stretch out into weeks when you’re working toward a goal and things consistently don’t work out your way. The attitude you have towards those days and your ultimate goal is going to determine whether you’re able to forge ahead or whether you decide to slow down, or worse stop striving altogether.


The best thing about attitude is it’s completely within your control. (That might also be the worst thing about attitude!) No matter what is happening on the outside, you have the ability to re-frame it and see the possible positives. You certainly don’t have control over what happens to you. You do have control over how you react to it.




You may not realize just how much of an impact your environment has on your attitude and your focus, but environment can set you up for success or keep you rooted in an unmotivated spot. Your environment means the way you set up your desk, whether you keep it cluttered or clean. It also includes the people you associate with. Attitude is contagious. If you want to stay motivated, surround yourself with motivated people!