We serve businesses of all sizes - small, medium, and large across multiple industries. The Job Window helps organizations address essential Recruiting and HR outsourcing requirements by following Human Resources and business strategies. We work with our clients’ managers and HR department staff to deliver operational excellence and seamless integrated HR systems and processes that benefit our clients’ businesses and their staff. Specifically, we offer compensation and benefits consulting services, training and development consulting and workshops, applicant sourcing, full-cycle recruitment, social media networking workshops, and onboarding and background check services, all while educating our clients on local laws and regulations surrounding employee relations and general business practices.

The Job Window

We will work with your HR department staff and other managers to identify the specific role requirements and job function and duties for the vacant position you need filled. From there, we will work with you to write a job advertisement that includes all job responsibilities, the required skills and experience to perform the job, the compensation, and any company-specific information you want to mention to potential applicants. We will work with you to design and create company packets for you to provide to your selected candidates once they are further down the recruitment pipeline, to provide them with more information on your company. We will also work with you to develop and create a ‘Welcome Aboard’ package to provide to your new employee once they are selected.

We will source candidates for you through a variety of methods, including social media outreach, headhunting, and job posts on major job boards and, depending on the position that needs to be filled, on niche job boards. We will screen candidates based on the job requirements and then review with you the qualified candidates. We will reach out to qualified candidates to interview them for your vacant position, and will set up our top picks with a follow-up interview with you for you to make the final hiring decision.

Your top picks for the position will receive the branded materials that we created for you. This allows your top candidates to bring something home with them from their interview. Candidates can review their notes from your interview and look over your company’s booklet to learn a bit more about the company. Company website and social media information is always included on these materials so candidates can do their own research on your company.

When you select the candidate you determine is the best fit for your open role, we will assist you with background checks, reference checks, onboarding, orientation and training. All you need to do is provide your new employee with the Welcome Aboard company packet that we designed for you!